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Top Cell Phone Carrier Deals 2019

Planning to purchase a new phone, you must have wished for getting top cell phone carrier deals. Doing a simple research towards some cell phone carriers won’t do you wrong. Instead, you will end up being satisfied with your own choice. There are some top lists of cell phone carrier deals in 2019 that can be your consideration. Check it down below

Top Deal: GSM Carrier or CDMA Carrier?

GSM carrier uses a SIM card in its phone which can be changed in different GSM cell phones while the number remains the same. Meanwhile, CDMA carrier attaches a single phone for a user. In other words, a CDMA carrier will require to have merely a number for a single cell phone.

In 2019, which one is the top deal? Well, nowadays people in Indonesia mostly use GSM cell phone carriers. A more advanced features and its flexibility towards number win people’s heart, although some are still loyal to CDMA cell phone carrier. Additionally, GSM carriers offer many specials for their customers that they choose to have GSM cell phone compared to CDMA.

3 Top Deals on GSM Cell Phone Carriers

There are some great cell phones popping up in 2019. Then, what is the best cell phone to buy? These are the 3 top lists.

This giant company with headquarters based in South Korea has promised a significant change from their previous cell phone series. Samsung Galaxy S10 indeed has a novel appearance. It holds a 6.4 inch-screen, triple-rear lens camera, in-screen fingerprint sensor, 855 Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, and Wireless PowerShare. It is the best smartphone available on earth for now.

If you are seeking for the best cell phone to facilitate your photography hobby, Huawei P30 Pro is the answer. It has 6.47 inch-screen, 8GB RAM, and storage up to 512GB. Its rear camera holds 40MP + 20MP + 8MP + ToF, while its front camera features 32MP. It also has beautiful design.

Calling all iPhone lovers! Since its publishing in the end of 2018, this iPhone IS still becomes one of the best cell phone carrier deals. Its fast operation and slick camera will serve its users best. It has 5.8-inch screen size and 4GB RAM. However, do not wish for a great battery life in this phone.

Which One to Buy?

To answer the question, subjectivity plays a role. In addition, budgeting remains the primary thing to consider. Well, if you seek for the best screen performance, Samsung S10 Plus will give shot on you. If you aim to have a phone with great camera feature, run to Huawei P30 Pro. Meanwhile, for fast operation cell phone, iPhone XS is suitable for you. The best cell phone carrier deals to pick rely on your needs and wallet as well.