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The Top Cell Phone Carriers in the US

Mobile phone users are familiar with top cell phone carrier.  There many companies available in every country that runs in this telecommunication network provider business.  Deciding best cell phone to buy among lots choices will leave you confused.  Price and quality will determine more for your best selection. To help you out, we would like to make a list of top three cell phone carriers in the United Stated of America. Most US citizens believe that these companies offer best service to their needs. The list goes in sequence with brief detail explanation. They are:

The largest mobile phone network provider in the united stated of America is AT&T Wireless. It is also known as AT&T Mobility LLC or AT&T US mobility.  As phone cellular carrier, it has around 159.7 million subscriptions. Their subscribers are from United States country including Puerto Rico and Virgin Island. The company was first developed in 2000. They serve telecommunication network products like Mobile telephony and wireless broadband. Their mobile network is one of the fastest nationwide connections. This company use GSM (Global System for Mobiles) in their product like other top cell phone carrier.

Verizon Wireless is American company based in New York. They serve products and services in telecommunication through wireless system. It was established last 2002 in New Jersey by Verizon Communication. Verizon becomes the second largest company to provide carrier for US people. This company have very good rate from the users. It gets 4.5 out of 5 in overall rating.  The popularity of Verizon attracts approximately 156 million American citizens to get subscription with this company. Verizon offers best service by providing excellent network in nearly all US area. Verizon’s network combines great 4G coverage, speed and reliability.

T-Mobile is short version of T-Mobile US Inc. This company has headquartered office in Bellevue, Washington, the Seattle. The number of subscriptions of T-Mobile is under a hundred million. It is 83.1 million subscribers around US regions. T-Mobile employs CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) for radio system in their mobile network just like Verizon. T-Mobile offers an outstanding wireless experience in network service for your smartphone.  They give nationwide coverage for users with good consistency and reliability. The network is already using 4G LTE speeds. For product and service cost, they give a bit friendly and more economics price. T-Mobile claims to be Un-carrier one as their main slogan.  It is one of top cell phone carriers.