the best gps tracker for car

The Best GPS Tracker for Car of 2019

The car has now become one of the needs of some people. This itself is because of the car as a means of transportation that can be used for any purpose, such as for personal purposes or just for business activities such as car rental.

Unfortunately, because the value of a car is quite expensive, this makes only capable people who can have it. Because of that, the car is now prone to crime by irresponsible people such as theft.

To overcome this problem, one solution that can be used is to pair a GPS device in our car. This action is as a prevention as well as security if our car at any time something happens that we do not want without our knowledge, then this GPS will tell us directly what happened to our car. Here’s the best GPS tracker for car best buy our recommendation.

List of recommendations the best GPS tracker for car

These are list recommendations the best GPS tracker for car. Because anyone will treat their favorite items well, even a car. For that, one of them is by pairing the tracker. Aside from being a car accessory, the tracker is also a tool that can prevent the occurrence of things that we don’t want, such as our car being stolen.

  1. Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker

The first GPS device recommended is this GPS tracker. This tool itself is very popular in the market because of its advantages that can monitor the position of the vehicle precisely because of the update information provided every five seconds.

In addition to strong battery life, which is claimed to last up to two weeks, reports can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices. Data is stored for up to one year, and users can specify certain locations as restrictions. If a vehicle crosses this limit, it will get notifications in real-time right away.

  1. Americaloc GL300w Mini

With its sleek shape and modern look, this one GPS device is sold at a slightly higher price than other GPS devices. Even so, still the features offered will not be the same as other GPS devices, because it has advantages not shared by others as well.

Later, users can set free the time interval of vehicle position renewal, every 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or whatever the user wants. Then, to access the history from this device report, it can be accessed through the software or sent directly to email

  1. MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker

This GPS device is usually more recommended for parents. Because this device can also be moved to other vehicles to monitor. Parents who buy GPS devices usually watch their children carrying their vehicles.

Features offered such as providing an alternative route while driving, vehicle speed information in real time, and daily reports that are always sent to parents’ mobile devices to preach what has happened during the past day.

Well, that’s some of the best GPS trackers for a car that we recommend. We hope this helps.

Where to find the best GPS tracker for car

Sales of GPS devices can usually be found either in physical stores or online stores though, it depends on your individual preferences. Each store must have advantages and disadvantages of each as well.

If you have time and want to immediately see the appearance of the goods, then go to a physical store, if lucky, maybe the goods you could have bargained to the seller. However, the weakness is, of course, you must have the right time to go there. Especially if it turns out the location of the store is far from the location of residence, it will take even longer to get there.

In contrast to online stores, where you can see it on trusted online sites. You do not need to get out, get hot, or get stuck in traffic on the road, just through a mobile device. Usually, the price offered is even cheaper because there are no taxes like a physical store. If you have doubts, just look at the reviews from people who have already bought at the store.

It’s just that, the weakness of this online store is usually goods that will experience damage if not properly packaged, and vulnerable to fraud. Therefore, research before buying when shopping online specifically.

How to choose the best GPS tracker for car

In determining the best GPS tracker for car, of course not just to choose. Benchmark low prices certainly can not be used as a reason to buy a GPS device that is very sensitive relating to security. Similarly, the price, a very expensive price is not necessarily following the needs we need.

Especially if it turns out later that we find GPS devices that have the same or more features than ours and are priced at a cheaper price, of course, this will make us feel upset, and as if we have been created by the seller right?

Therefore, there are several considerations in choosing the best GPS tracker for car, namely:

  • Adjust the reasons and needs. Look for a GPS device that has an important and supposed function. Like, information about the position of the vehicle directly, longer battery life, and security alarms in the event of a crime.
  • Ask forums, friends or family who has bought and used GPS in their cars. Their experience will certainly be a guide for you before buying it. Because from there, you will get advice, recommendations, strengths or weaknesses, or additional information that you did not know before.
  • Do not immediately believe the low prices offered. Make sure the first review of users who have bought it or look for information about the products offered. If you can, adjust the price with the trusted product brand.
  • Don’t forget the warranty. The warranty is very important if it turns out that the product purchased has factory defects. Always ask about the product’s warranty. Don’t be afraid to ask, that is the consumer’s right to the goods being sold.

Those are some suggestions we can give you to get the best GPS tracker for car. And don’t forget, always put safety in driving first.