best gps tracker for your car

Best GPS Tracker for Your Car

If you are looking for the best GPS tracker for your car, here are the models you can buy:

Actually have you ever heard the Americaloc GL300W, this is expensive one of the tracker car. The price is more than $100. The advantages you get when you decide to buy this: the first, the detailed tracking capability. This model will track you car every 10 seconds, but you have to purchase for this advantage each year.  

This model will give the real-time tracking by sending in software or your email and you get storage of the data till a year to remember the routes and locations that you had cross in previous month. Next, this model also is longer battery life for several weeks. You can set the all alert about the entering and leaving to the location, speed etc. besides, the hidden tracker there is reliable GPS tracker for car best buy

This tracker car has size 4,5x5x1.5 inches. The Mileage ace is best tracker car in accounting major. 99% accurate is an ideal to long journey. When you install this model, automatically it will connect with WiFi to make a tracking history for user. If you decide to buy, Mileage ace car are free in 30 days. Then, next month you have to pay every month and save your logs in cloud. You can check again in the future if you need. Choose this one as the best GPS tracker for your car.

This model is same with other models of tracking car. We should pay every month for tracking. Pro AUT-350 OBD II tracker car has used 3G data for five years. It is unlimited. When you get a crash happened. The alert will be automatic giving a sign because it is completed with emergency alert. The IFTTT and Alexa will be allowed you to connect with your life of digital things

Surprisingly, MOTOsafety GPS tracker can connect directly without wiring. This is a famous of best GPS tracker for your car. It is offering a monthly payment to subscription. The advantage is included on 3G wireless network. You can download on Android and iOS so that you can track a location and give a record card to know the journey. The users also get the benefit route replay that maybe the parent wants to check their children. 

This model is supported ODB, you can change easily from one car to another car to see the different tracking of your case every week.