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3 Ways To Earn Best Priced Cell Phone Plans By Managing Data Usage

Besides considering about best cell phone to buy, the other thing that’s important to be prepared is how to get best priced cell phone plans. There are some ways to get best priced cell phone plans, and one of it that you have to try is by managing your internet usage. Internet plan, as it has now become a routine expenditure that must be calculated every month, although sometimes it can still drain money if it is not well planned. The use of the internet that is not controlled can end up draining the monthly internet credit, even to the credit for phone and text.

Here are some ways to earn best priced cell phone plans by saving on your internet usage.

  1. Use a more efficient browser

Still, not unexpectedly, it turns out that your browser selection can also be the cause of your fast quota drained. Some suspect that the performance of the default browser or smartphone default browser is less efficient in matters of internet quota utilization. To overcome this, you can download and use a more efficient browser such as Opera Mini. This browser is already widely proven and widely believed to be able to store internet data quotas essentially by compressing the websites that will be visited.

With the “video boost” data-saving feature, you also reduce the buffer process and be able to optimize image quality without the need to suck up large internet data. Besides Opera Mini, another alternative browser is Google Chrome. But, there are tricks to using Chrome too. The trick is to open Chrome, touch the three-dot icon on the top right, select Settings, then touch Bandwidth and select Data Saver to turn off data saving.

Besides, there is also Firefox Lite, Mozilla’s internet data quota saving browser application. Previously this browser had the name Firefox Rocket.

  1. Deactivate the synchronization feature of the unwanted application

There are many applications on your mobile that synchronize or update even when not in use. To overcome this you can turn off or turn off automatic synchronization in some applications that are rarely used.

  1. Only update the application if connected to WiFi

Furthermore, effective tricks to be able to save internet quota are to limit application updates upon connected to WiFi. Sometimes we are not aware of some applications that require updates (updates) turned out to automatically make updates using the quota that we have.

Of course, this won’t matter if only one application has to be updated. But what if dozens of applications simultaneously need an update? Of course, more quota will be used. So to overcome this, simply change the app’s update settings by only when the device is connected to WiFi.

To get best priced cell phone plans you can outsmart by saving your data usage. So this way the cost you spend will be much cheaper.