best budget cpu air cooler

3 Recommended Products with the Best Budget CPU Air Cooler

Is there the best budget CPU air cooler? There are undeniably so many problems to experience in a processor. One of them is due to the processor’s temperature that is too high. Sometimes, it causes the computer to stop working or even shut down. Based on that fact, providing a CPU cooler is a good idea. In fact, a CPU originally from the processor is not very good to keep the system from the heat. Although a qualified cooler is recommended, it doesn’t mean that you must come to an expensive product. There are some affordable products that are worth buying. Here is the list.

Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 has some new features. One of them is the extra cooler if there is really disturbing overheating. The CPU also has a PWM function that is designed to use with a high-end RAM along with the motherboard. The presence of fan in this cooler also increases the air stream. It simply improves the performance indeed. The fan is featured a hydraulic pad. It is to keep the feature to operate quietly without producing any noise. The sound produced is also ultra low. For the material, the product uses aluminum fins and copper heat pipes.

The second best budget CPU air cooler is ID-Cooling NO-12025K. It is known as a very good product since the performance is similar to the cooler of NO-12025K. Meanwhile, the price is much friendlier. For the daily usage, it works not really hard so that the energy used is also very effective. On the other hand, it adapts well when you use your PC for activities that require more energy. Well, even the cooler is recommended for the overclocks. Since the product has so many benefits although the price is not expensive, you can put it on the list of 5 recommended CPU coolers.

Enermax ETS-N30-HE is a CPU cooler with a good solution for your home cooling system. Despite being good in handling temperature in various systems, the product can also be used to manage some light problems. For example, there is a CPU overclocking. Interestingly, its performance is still as good as many other coolers with more expensive prices. The design supports its function particularly with its 120-mm fan. Although the fan is quite big, Enermax can make it look simple and compact only with a height of 135 mm. Those features make Enermax ETS-N30-HE the best budget CPU air cooler.

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