best cell phone to buy

The best cell phone to buy in 2019

Which is the best cell phone to buy for 2019 to purchase this year? If you already have specified features and budget that you looking for, then it can be easier to find the best one. You just need to find the cell phone brand that you need to shop around and make a comparison or research on it.

Best deal cell phone carriers  

If you are looking for cell phone carrier deals you can get benefit from one of these smartphone deals from T-mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. for those who want to switch their carrier phone, T-mobile has an interesting deal for a new customer to join T-mobile and grab the benefit of discounts, deal trade and also their BOGO deals on certain smartphones. Think to choose Verizon? You can get bundle deals from Verizon for your android and Apple device. You can save dollars for certain phone buying and also discount offers for their new customer. If you think to get AT&T services you can get BOGO deals for android and Apple flagships up to $850.

When you choose your phone to buy, you need to consider several things include features, quality build, and ease of use, design, value, and performance form the phone. You also need to consider if there are some best deals on smartphones 2019 included such as the carriers or discount or special offer when you decide to buy the smartphone.

Guide to get the best smartphone brand

After you make a list of best smartphone that fits with your requirement, the next step that you need to do is find how to get the best deal on a smartphone before you buy. Here are some considerations on getting the best deal when you buy a smartphone.

  • Do not overpay too much for buying the phone. You may notice that iPhone, galaxy note, and premium Android phones start price at $700 but you need to think that there is a cheap unlocked phone as an alternative that cost under $500.
  • Quality of color and brightness issues is more important than resolution for the color display. Pay more attention to how bright the phone so you can see the colors on outdoors.

The smartphone market comes with varies of brand and features compete. There are some of leading best smartphone brand that well known for their high quality and also price.

Best smartphone brand to buy

What is the best smartphones brand in USA that well-known and most used by American citizen? Smartphones becomes the necessity with more than 90% of the USA population range age 18-50 has their own. With large demands each year, this makes the smartphone brands competitive more and come out with a new model with advanced quality and features to stay competitive with other brands. With so many options, which brand that lead to the USA market?

  • Samsung galaxy 10/10 plus. Samsung galaxy 10 has becomes the leading smartphone brand with its valued processor. It has be4st screen phone ever with so much versatility features on cameras and also nice design.
  • Huawei P30 Pro. Huawei P30- Pro is the latest smartphone that launched in Spring and becomes an outstanding smartphone that arguably as best smartphone camera available in recently.  Big thank to the innovation of periscope telescopic lens technology in camera and a 40-megapixel main camera that offer the amazing result of video and photo.
  • Apple iPhone XR. This is perfect for those who a casual person that comes with great camera features. You can get a lower price from the XS version.
  • Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3. If you want a smartphone that comes with android system, then this is the best smartphone with the android system. It has much more advanced design and feature with fast wireless charge and smart pixel stand.
  • LG V40. LG is another smartphone option that delivers worthy features on the camera.

 Once you get your smartphone, then you will need to find the best cell phone plans 2019 you can consider meeting with your needs and budget to spend.

Cheap cell phone plans

 If you are looking for affordable cell phone plans, then you can compare several options below to meet with your budget. However, when you consider a cheap price for your best cell phones plans 2019 you also need to think about the value and offers that they give to you.

  • Ting Individual line small level. If you want prepaid cell phone plans with data, Ting gives you the cost per month $15.
  • Republic Wireless 1 GB plans. For those who need a prepaid plan with data, you can choose the Republic with their lowest plan start at $20 per month.
  • Sprint 2GB. This service for those who need a non-prepaid plan with data with cost $45 per month.
  • T Mobile prepaid Pay as You Go. For those who want to choose pay as You Go plan, the T mobile has $3 month plus 10 cents per minute or message over the included 30.
  • AT&T Go Phone Pay as You Go a plan is a cheap option for those who won’t pay as you go plan with cost only $2 per day of use and data charged $1 for 100MB.

After see on best-priced cell phone plans beyond, you can fit the best price to meet with your requirements. Shop around and make research on what you need is important before you choose the cell phone plans.

Best Cell Phone Plans to Choose and Compare

 What is the best cell phone plan on the market that you can choose?

  • For best overall, Verizon is worthy carriers of cell phone plan that you can afford. When it comes to the name of Verizon, it is about speed and coverage service.
  • For simply prepaid plan, you can choose T-Mobile with their low monthly cost and chunk of 10GB data
  • Need an unlimited plan? Verizon unlimited plans give you 75GB data that has fast speed and perfect coverage.
  • Need data for family plans? Then Sprint Family unlimited plus is the answer. This is the best cell phone plans for a whole family member. It will save your money bill for cell phone plans.

With so many cell phone brand and cell phone plans available in the market, these guides beyond can help you to decide which the best cell phone to buy that suit with your budget and requirements.