5 Recommended CPU Coolers

List 3 of 5 Recommended CPU Coolers based on your needs

Having a plan to upgrade your PC for better? When we use our laptop for working or studying, it will produce the amount of heat that continuously increase in line with time usage. The longer you use your laptop; your laptop will be hotter gradually. Our laptop has limits temperature to allow its components work […]

Ruko F11 Pro Review

How is the performance of Ruko F11 Pro Drone 4K Quadcopter? Let’s get to know

Along with the development of technology, many things in human life are beginning to be influenced. At present all work seems to demand to use various machines with the help of more sophisticated technology. It turns out not only for those who have activities in the office but also for those who are active in […]

apple macbook air 2019

apple macbook air new release? Is it worthy?

For you who are still curious about the specifications and reviews of the apple macbook air new release. This thing is a bit complicated. Because Apple is successively and productively released the latest MacBook series this year. In 2018, Apple released an update for MacBook Air. The laptop comes with a fresher design, a keyboard […]